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Design Awesomeness

for web and print

Our business is building your brand with print and web design that intrigues, informs and inspires people to invest in your vision. We take the time learn about you and your ideas … because you’re awesome!  

Why do we do it

“Why do they do this stuff”, you might ask … Because we love it! Not to mention people are willing to pay us to do it, which is a pretty sweet deal in our book. We are designers, full-time.

IDEAfolder is a small design studio located near Houston Texas. We’ve been doing this stuff since 1999 and loving every minute of it. IDEAfolder is led by Mike Poperszky and supported by various in-house and outsource relationships.

Our Style

Simple, usable and flexible design is our passion. Every project is meticulously thought about before during and especially after its completion. When a client project is delivered, it’s not just “well, that’s done … what’s next?” We truly care about the products we produce and feel a sense of ownership with them. So even after that final invoice is paid, your project is continually revisited. We got your back.


Website Design

Design is all about delivering a clear and direct message; a well designed web site should intrigue, inform and then inspire potential customers to invest in your products or service.


Our process is simple:

  1. Planning and resource gathering. We have to learn about your company before we can design for it.
  2. Website design mockups, prototyping and flow charts.
  3. Using the approved design concepts, we prepare your website graphics and write the code that holds it all together.
  4. Once it’s standing on it’s own, we teach it how walk and eventually how to run.
  5. Finally, we launch it! With your approval, of course.

On average, we need about one week to complete presentable design compositions. Specifically, it takes about two days for us to gather the information we need in order to produce successful designs. Then it’s another three to four days in design. Of course, the website’s complexity is always a factor, but deliverable timelines and schedules are provided during the planning phase.


  • Dynamic Website Design
  • CMS Management & Development
  • WordPress Template Design
  • WordPress Website Conversions
  • Specialized Website & Application Hosting
  • Adobe Flash Website & Application Design
  • Website Planning & Prototyping

Website Development

Using the approved design concepts, we prepare your website graphics and write the code that holds it all together. Once it’s standing on it’s own, we teach it how walk and eventually how to run. After running without tripping and falling, we teach it how to do specific things like delivering forms and other cool things. We’ll list all the websites features.

The duration of this phase is generally the longest because it’s relative to the amount of content your website holds. We generally try limiting this phase to a maximum of four weeks. However, in our experience, the more you participate, the faster it goes.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We’re a multi-talented bunch! As well as creating fantastic web solutions we can also provide you and your company with fabulous graphic design for print. Whether it’s a new corporate brand or graphics for your ride, IDEAfolder will design and deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations.



  • Business Stationery
  • Annual Reports
  • Tradeshow Booth Graphics
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Publications
  • Direct Mail & Fliers


Online Marketing

Effective SEO strategies deliver new worlds of potential customers desperate to buy your products online. Our web solutions involve developing relevant SEO content, press releases, blogs, proper directory submissions and dynamic link building components.



  • Keyword and On-page SEO Research and Analysis
  • Business Directory and Press Release Sites Setup
  • On-site Blog and Authorship Configuration
  • On-page Website Optimization
  • Content Generation and Optimization
  • Competitive Link Building


Constructive Consultations

Have a great idea that you want to take to the next step? Have a vision about how you can manage your growing infrastructure? Okay, maybe you just need to know how to use your FTP. If it has to do with the marketing of your products or services and the technology used to manage those processes … We can help.



  • Concept Development & Rationale
  • Print & Digital Strategies
  • Planning & Flowcharting
  • Technology Implementation
  • Resource Procurement & Management

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