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Choosing Blogs To Comment On

It’s fairly well know in the internet marketing world that commenting on blogs is a good way to generate traffic and backlinks, as well as making yourself known in your niche and building good relationships with other blog owners. However whilst blog commenting is an effective method, choosing blogs to comment on (ie. choosing the right ones) is paramount to your success.

The first thing you should think about is your target audience. What sorts of blogs are your market interested in? Whilst it is a given that you should comment on blogs which are in the same niche as yourself, you can widen it a little. For example, consider also posting comments on blogs which are in a different niche but which have the same or similar target audience.

Once you have found a possible blog, the first thing to consider is how active it is. I try to comment on blogs that are well known in the niche and which are posted to regularly, after all there is little point commenting on a blog where the last post was made 12 months ago!
Look at how many comments the blog already gets. An active community means that people are getting involved and a high number of people will see your comments. It also makes it easier to post comments since you can pick up on what other people are saying and you can debate their points.

When choosing blogs to comment on, it is also important to look at the amount of useful content contained on the blog in question. Many blogs exist as pure advertising ploys (you know the ones I am talking about – blogs which have tons of advertisements and affiliate links but very little useful information.) These are the ones to avoid. You ideally want to seek out the blogs which people look at as an authority source. By commenting on these blogs you will associate yourself with quality content and develop your own reputation.